June review : painting flowers 

June 26, 2017

Hello! I am re-appearing here with some floral paintings I made while I was visiting my family in Ukraine.
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my stories and all the updates I posted in May and most of June when I was connected to Internet (which was a little problematic). 
I did have kind of a social media break and just enjoyed real world without distraction.
 I brought some paints with me on the trip and devoted a couple hours a day 
when possible to paint something.
Since there was a season for peonies, that's what was my major inspiration. 

June floral painting

June floral painting

a whiff of lilac

There were some really beautiful places that we hiked through 
and I had a moment to sit down and sketch the view. 
That was really precious and magical. 


June 2017

Vacation mode : see you in June

May 21, 2017

This is my last entry for May and part of June, because guess what?
 I am going to be far and away on vacation and hopefully I will have some internet 
here and there enough for an Instagram pop up. 
Follow my Instagram sofiamoore_studio to see what I am up to.
I am really hoping to be less on line and to be more present in real world, 
read books, sketch in my sketchbook and walk a lot of miles. 
See you next month!

 I am really hoping to be less on line and to be more present in real world, 
read books, sketch in my sketchbook and walk a lot of miles. 
See you next month!

Journal Cover : imaginary garden

May 17, 2017

Very appropriately there is a bird singing outside of my window and it sings 
a very beautiful and passionate song every morning and afternoon this spring. 
I made this bird a hero in my illustration for a journal cover 
along with a floral explosion and a cute quote.

Garden journal design

Here are shots of my painting process.
I started with acrylic washes and built up layers
without much planning, mostly going with the flow.



painting the illustration


Sketchbook : mini series

May 9, 2017

The idea for this mini series was to combine a pattern and illustration in one. 
My favorite is the strawberries page of the digital sketchbook spread. 
The likes on instagram showed that the  Babushka illustration was liked the most. 
Is it because of her fancy raincoat?

strawberry pattern

ducks tie



Blog update : Garden

May 1, 2017

It's finally May and this is my favorite month (and October, too)!
I want to re-start my blogging by posting this short series I did 
in mixed media last year for the class I mentioned while ago.
(Lilla Rogers' online school
The name of the series is "Enchanted Garden" 
and I really really would like to add more pieces to it later.

revisiting my old w/c

revisiting my old w/c

revisiting my old w/c

See you next week!

 Cook book cover

September 1, 2016

My design for the Global Talent Search 
held by Lilla Rogers' studio.
There is a vote going on till September 5th, 
please follow the link to see the gallery and vote for your favorite artist!


I like bunnies:)


Visual journalling : visit that other side

August 31, 2016

Keeping a journal helps me to go to places where I need to go sometimes. I can't stay at those places, but just to visit is OK.
On a practical side, I try new techniques and materials that I would never knew they existed. Creating textures is my favorite thing now.

#sketchbook #artbook #mixedmedia


acrylic mini paintings in an #artbook #collage with found ephemera, scraps of paper

#artbook #collage #artdiary #sketchbook

Artbook sketchbook spread

Color/texture/story inspiration for coming projects ✂️🎨 /// цвет/фактура/настроение.

Artbook collage

#sketchbook #artjournal #visualjournal #artbook

acrylic illustration on collaged background

Lovely fat quarters : nice and tidy

February 17, 2016

I love to re-organize my fabric stash during and after 
a sewing project.
Mostly by color and sometimes by collection.
Working on sewing projects, folding and unfolding,
taking pictures of my bundles is allowing me to see
 how my taste in fabric is changing 
through the years so as the way I keep my stash.

Paper and fabric love

Storing fabric in cookie tins

I love fatquarters

To store everything in a nice order, 
I use cardboard rectangles to fold my fabric pieces. 
The cardboard comes from recycling of all kinds of boxes that 
pass through the house containing gifts, mail, shoes, 
pizza, cat food, etc. 
Yes, my favorite box to cut is from the canned cat 
food with the kitty on it!


I love fatquarters

It is easy to find the fabric for the project 
and put it back in the box.

I love fatquarters

I love fatquarters

С тех пор, как я завела себе новую систему хранения тканей, стало намного легче их держать в порядке и складывать по местам после бурного поиска нужного куска. 
Все отрезы я наматываю на картонные прямоугольники, вырезанные из различных упаковочных коробок, которые в большом числе появляются в доме в виде посылок, коробок из под обуви, пиццы, 
упаковки от кошачей еды и так далее. 
Особенно мне нравится эта коробка с белым котом, 
он, конечно, очень хорошо подходит к моим тканям! 

Hearts and lavender : love

Step 1: Cut heart shapes from fabric
Step 2: Machine stitch 2 pieces together leaving 1 inch opening
Step 3: Fill with dry lavender or scented crystals, close the opening
Step 4: Hand stitch on top of the machine stitching with contrasting thread
Step 5: Make 3-5 each
Step 6: Go around the house and place in a linen cabinet, book shelf, quilt stack, sock drawer.           

Lavender sachets

Lavender sachets

Lavender sachets

Lavender sachets

Delicious : chocolate heart cookies

This is very delicious.
Nothing more to say about these rich crunchy buttery cookies 
that you might want to enjoy with your morning coffee
on a Valentine's day morning. 

Очень вкусное печенье из песочного теста, 
супер шоколадное и ароматное.
Рецепт на русском языке ниже под фотографиями.

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

I found the recipe and cooking directions 

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

The only way I may adjust/improve this recipe is 
to skip the Sprinkles and
just cover the cookies with dark melted 
chocolate and be generous with it! 
Enjoy and happy Valentine's day!

Рецепт шоколадного печенья
2 чашки муки
2/3 чашки несладкого какао порошка
1/2 ч.ложки соли
1/2 чашки плюс 2 ст. ложки сахара
1 чашка сливочного масла комнатной температуры
1 ч.ложка ванильного экстракта
2 чашки горького шоколада растопить
сладкая присыпка для украшения

*Рецепт дается в американских мерах, 
1 чашка муки равна примерно 140 гр, 
1 чашка сахара равна примерно 200 гр. 

Смешать ингридиенты в тугое тесто, оставить на 30 мин в холодильнике. Разогреть духовку до 175С. Раскатать тесто толщиной 1 см, вырезать формочкой печенье, выпекать 15 минут. Дать остыть и намазать растопленным шоколадом, украсить присыпкой. Дать шоколаду застыть, можно поставить в холодильник для застывания.

Weekly journal : January

This year I have decided to revisit the land of journaling and collaging in a notebook,
you know, the hidden world of lists and scribbles decorated with bits and pieces and what not,  
the kind that introverted people like me love a lot.
A messy combination of scrapbooking, notes to self, magazine clippings and grocery lists.
It is highly addictive and creates the whole another meaning to paper junk found around the house. 

weekend artbooking

I developed attachment to my planner and write down literally everything.
Let's see how long it will last but for now here are my 4 January spreads.

1-29-16 planner

weekly #notebook #planner #scrapbook #diary

Artbook scrapjournal notebook journal

journal diary notebook